50+ tasks you can outsource to a VA

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One of the biggest misconceptions of working with virtual assistants is that one person can do everything for you.

This is the myth of the “Unicorn VA”. It’s just not possible. Not in the real world, and not in the virtual world.

In order to effectively use virtual assistants to grow your business, you need to hire for the role, not try to get one person that can do everything.

That means building a team. A team that will work together to achieve what you’re aiming for as a business owner.

It’s with this in mind that I decided to put together this list of tasks that you can outsource to virtual assistants to grow your business more effectively. You’ll see that I’ve broken it down into the following types of tasks:

  1. Administrative
  2. Customer Service
  3. Content + Design
  4. Social Media + Community
  5. Marketing
  6. Tech Support
  7. More tasks you can outsource…

It’s important to acknowledge (and appreciate) that no one person can handle all of these different roles.

So, let’s begin with a look at the one person that I feel every single entrepreneur on the face of the earth should have at their disposal – the Admin VA. This is that one person that you can lean on to help you, day to day.

Administrative VA

  • Scheduling, Meetings and Calendar management
  • Database cleaning/building
  • Travel bookings
  • Planning an event
  • Note-taking
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Personal Planner
  • Transcriptions
  • File management
  • Convert/split/merge PDFs
  • General paperwork

Customer Service

  • Customer emails
  • Live chat
  • Phone or Skype calls
  • Ticket System

Content + Design

  • Blogging
  • Commenting
  • Newsletters
  • Create presentations
  • Graphic tasks
  • Design infographics
  • Create SlideShare presentations

Social Media + Community

  • Social Media messaging
  • Forum discussion
  • Social media discussions
  • Social media PPC advertising.
  • Find and engage potential customers
  • Moderating Comments
  • YouTube Management
  • Moderate YouTube comments
  • Post ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram


  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Google analytics reports
  • Competitor analysis

Tech Support

  • Simple WordPress/Wix sites
  • Install and configure WordPress plugins
  • Create landing/opt-in pages
  • Create online forms
  • Set up webinars

More tasks you can outsource…

  • Reach out to potential affiliates
  • Manage affiliates
  • Telemarketing or cold calling
  • Find emails of potential customers
  • Send Cold Emails
  • Project management
  • Influencer outreach
  • Edit product images
  • Prepare training resources
  • Update real estate property listings
  • Update Amazon, Alibaba and eBay listings
  • Dropshipping tasks
  • Training of your new VA recruits
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