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Are you ready to get your content working FOR you - for more reach (and more profits)?

Without working more hours or hiring a team.

It’s almost 8pm on Tuesday night, and you suddenly realise you haven’t created any new posts that day for social media yet. Oh – and you completely forgot to email your list the week before, even though you told them they’d be hearing from you every Thursday.

But now you’re tired, you don’t know what to write, and you still have to hunt down an attractive image to go with your post.

(I’ve been there – this was me!)

You got into this business to help people. Not to be stuck to your phone or laptop for hours each week trying to share your content on all the platforms. And then still trying to actually engage with your audience (and potential clients).

The thing is, you know your content is good.

You put the time and effort into creating it. And you have the knowledge and experience to back it up.

But it isn’t getting seen by the majority of your audience.

You want to show up for the people who need you.

*One Time Payment of $67 $37


How much time are you spending each day creating posts for social media, from scratch?

Between writing an engaging Instagram post, looking for the perfect image to go with it, then jumping over to Facebook to write a quick tip for your followers, then logging into Canva to design an attractive pin for your latest blog post… oh and don’t forget to also share a few Insta stories! (And don’t get me started on how long it takes to make just one Reel.)

This could easily take hours every day.

Let’s say you’re spending 2 hours a day just to create your posts (and that is without engaging). That’s 10-14 hours each week!

What could you do with an extra 10 hours a week?

  • Take on 5 more coaching clients?
  • Spend more time engaging with your ideal clients on Instagram?
  • Finally create that course that you’ve been thinking about for the last 3 months, but just haven’t had the time to even start?

You don’t need a social media manager.

At least, not yet.

What you do need is a simple, repeatable process to create and share your content, in a way that won’t take up all of your time, and doesn’t require starting from scratch for each post.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Add Your Heading Text Here

Add Your Heading Text Here

What if you could spend less time creating content and, instead, develop a process that gives your content a longer life, more reach, and actually connects with your audience?

This is possible without...

Hiring a team
Creating new posts daily
the constant hustle
The answer...

Content repurposing is the key to increasing your authority AND income, while taking back ownership of your time

You’ve tried to do this on your own. You’ve tried to be in all the places all the time.

The problem is, there are only so many hours in each day. And the more time you try to spend being everywhere, the less time you have to spend with actual clients (or even just engaging with your ideal clients), as you work to impact their lives in a positive way.

Your content and social media should be supporting your business.

You shouldn’t be feeling chained to it, constantly trying to think of new things to post for all the platforms day in and day out.

By creating longform content with intention, and using content repurposing wisely, it gives you the freedom to spend more time actually engaging with your audience, knowing that they are still benefiting from your best content. 

It allows you to share more spontaneously on social media, because your authority-building content is already being strategically shared on a regular basis.

How do we do this?

We'll create a content plan that makes sales

If you’re not making money, you have a hobby not a business.

We’ll determine which content is not only useful to your audience, but also drives results for your business.

We'll give you back your time

I’ll teach you my signature method for creating and distributing your content faster.

You’ll also get access to my templates and toolkits so you don’t have to start from scratch.


The 5-step system that shows you how to create one piece of content, repurpose it at least 9 different ways, and still see results months after publishing.

Here's what you'll learn...


How to create content that is not only useful to your audience, but also drives results for your business.


Repurpose what you create across many different platforms – your blog, a podcast, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, your email list… (you get the idea)


Develop your unique – simplified – content marketing plan so you can reguarly 

*One Time Payment of $67 $37


You got into this business to make a difference (and yes, to make those $$$)

You shouldn’t be held back because you’re spending all your time trying to churn out content.

What's included

Module 1

Define Your Content

You’ll select your core areas of expertise, so you can attract your ideal clients. We’ll also determine the best platform for your main piece of content (blog, video, or podcast).

Module 2

Plan Your Content

Outline and plan your content so that you can be sure each piece you are putting out actually helps your audience.

Module 3

Create Your Content

Now we get to the actual creation. Banish the writer’s block and brain fog by following a simple process for creating your blog post (or script).

Module 4

Repurpose Your Content

You’ll learn how to easily repurpose your content to suit various platforms, so you can put your content to work, and increase your reach.

Module 5

Refine Your Content System

You’ll develop a process for your content creation and repurposing that you can use every time you publish.

Bonus Lesson

Audit Your Published Content

You’ll learn how to take stock of your existing, published content and review it to ensure everything aligns with your core areas of expertise.

Bonus LEsson

Assess Your Unpublished Content

Re-discover the content you already have. In this bonus lesson, you’ll learn how to build an inventory of your existing, unpublished content and organize your information in an easily accessible way moving forward.

Let's talk BONUSES

The Content Blueprint Playbook

Value: $49

Everything you’ve learnt in the course, in one value-packed, 30+ page playbook, that you can refer to as you create your unique plan (or print out and scribble notes on as you go).

3 Styles Of Weekly Content Planning Templates

Value: $39

Pulling your content plan into a weekly roadmap will be a breeze with these templates. Including options for ClickUp, Trello, and good ol’ pen and paper.

Content Marketing Resources Toolkit

Value: $29

Aka my little black book of tools and resources for content creation, planning, and promotion. It includes my favourite social media scheduling tools, resources for editable graphic templates, and more.

Content Repurposing + Promo Spreadsheet

Value: $29

Easily plan how where and when you are going to share your content across your chosen platforms.

A quick recap:

Total Value: $213

You pay: $67 $37


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the 10x Content Blueprint after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honor.

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!

Take the full 30 days to explore the materials of the 10x Content Blueprint and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

And just who am I, anyway?

Hi there, I'm Joelle Brisland.

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify & streamline their businesses – because I believe having a successful business that also helps people improve their lives doesn’t have to mean more stress, longer hours, and complicated systems.

Ok, so that sounds great and all, but why should you trust me?

After 5 years and working with 140+ coaches, course creators, and entrepreneurs, I saw first-hand the power of implementing simple, scalable systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the content? Will the course expire?

This is a lifetime course. You will always have access, and that includes access to any updates made in the future.

How Long Will It Take To Get Access To The Training?

You will be auto-enrolled into the course immediately so you can dive in right away.

Won’t my audience get annoyed by seeing the same content on different channels?

What are the chances that a follower is going to see every Instagram post? And every Facebook post? And all your TikTok videos?

Even if they are on your list, they are probably not even reading every single blog post (as much as we like to believe they are!).

*One Time Payment of $67 $37

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