You are almost ready to hire a VA!

Getting an extra hand to support your workload may sound ideal; however, you might need to tighten some loose ends within your own business operations before you consider bringing in a Virtual Assistant.

There are a few things you can do in your business to help you prepare for a Virtual Assistant.

Assess your workload
Know where you’re spending most of your time at work. Track the time you are spending on your business. If you’re devoting too much time in some areas of your business, then you probably need assistance for a lighter workload. This will help you focus on doing what you do best.

Can you commit to paying someone?
Evaluate your budget to know if you can add a VA to your list of business expenses. Keep in mind you can begin with just an hour a week and grow from there.

Are you ready to let go?
It might not be easy to pass some of your responsibilities, but delegating tasks to a capable VA can help you and your brand grow. This mindset shift is important, because if you’re not quite ready, it can cause friction between you and your new VA.

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