Your Welcome Email: What To Do and Include

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Did you know, that 74 percent of your subscribers expect a welcome email when they subscribe to your list?

The first message delivered to your new subscribers sets the tone. It also sets readers’ expectations and you begin building a relationship with them. This is the perfect time to show your subscribers that you appreciate and value them.

Since 90 percent of your subscribers will open your welcome email (source:, it’s the best chance you have to strengthen trust in the budding relationship.

I want to first differentiate between a welcome email and a confirmation email.

Confirmation emails say things like:

  • Please verify your email address.
  • Confirmation of your order.
  • Welcome to our newsletter.

They are fairly straightforward – they confirm a decision your subscribers have already made.

However, welcome emails have a different purpose – an engaging welcome email has a few different goals.

In today’s post, I’m going to take you through what these goals are, and what your welcome email should include.

Congratulate and Thank Your Subscribers

In your welcome email congratulate them for taking the first step to learn more and make meaningful changes. You want them to know that you are behind them all the way and you will help them achieve greater success by sharing what you know. You can help new subscribers feel a connection with you and your business by referring to them (and others) as one of a select group of people who have decided to make ‘X’ specific change.

Deliver Download Incentives

Deliver the link to the download you promised. New subscribers don’t want to read a bunch of stuff before you give them access to their freebie. Cut to the chase and provide the link towards the top of the page and again at the bottom in your P.S. The freebie will help to convince them to take other actions.

Set Expectations

Your welcome email is a good place to mention the benefits of being a subscriber. Tell them approximately, how often they’ll receive emails, what type of emails they’ll get. You’ll sandwich most of the information you include in between the links or calls to action. Don’t bombard new subscribers with too many emails at once. Instead, give them a day or so and start a series of welcome emails that are spaced apart. You don’t want them to unsubscribe before they really get started good.

Be Authentic

Let your personality shine in your emails. If you have a quirky sense of humour, let it show, while still being professional. That’s the key to building relationships. When readers are attracted to your site and join your list, it’s because they’ve seen something they like in the content and/or your tone/style. When you “hide” personality traits, you may unknowingly hide something that would attract even more people to you.

Provide Clear Directions

Tell subscribers how to accomplish the things you want them to do. For example, if you want them to take a survey, to get to know them better, include that in the directions. If you promised a freebie, explain where to go and how to get it. If you want them to join your online group, tell them where to go and how to join.

Promote Social Networks

Tell your new subscribers about the social networks you use. Add this email to your welcome email series. It’s a good way to educate them and invite them to share a more personal connection with you. The social environment seems more informal. Provide the social links and explain the steps they need to take to like the page and/or join the group.

Make Email Contact Simple

Don’t hide your contact information in your emails. You want people to be able to hit reply and respond to you. Make it easy for them to ask questions. When you are easy to contact, your audience feels that you really do care and they are important.

Just Start

Don’t miss this huge opportunity to make a strong connection with your subscribers. It is one of the most important emails you’ll write in your business.

Try not to get overwhelmed with the idea of writing the ‘perfect’ welcome email – and I’m talking from experience, this held me back for months because I wanted to get it ‘just right’.

Follow these seven tips to get started. You can always come back to it later and tweak it, or add more emails and create a full welcome or nurture sequence.

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